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"...improved their writing skills by nearly 3 levels on average."

Reallyenglish’s Writing for Business offered a new approach which equipped our learners with skills to professionally structure emails for very realistic case studies, realise what they believed correct wasn’t, and write with confidence. Responsive and engaging Tutor and Coach helped our learners accomplish their tasks by providing tips for improvement and answers to students’ questions. Excellent interface from user and also administrator’s perspective - it looks sophisticated yet so simple to navigate that no step-by-step guide was necessary. It particularly suited for group learning as learners in a community can see each other’s progress and writing works. After a two month intensive writing marathon, the results were visible; all of our learners improved their writing skills by nearly 3 levels on average.

Ai Igamoto HRD Executive, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

"…Because of the impressive results our clients have achieved"

We are continuing to offer Reallyenglish elearning programs to our clients because of the impressive results our clients have achieved.

The three KPIs for us are; user completion rate, TOEIC® point improvement and user satisfaction.

RE programs consistently provide the best results in all three areas. I believe RE achieves this through engaging interactive design and their comprehensive LMS which helps us to track and support the end users.

Mr. Philip Deane CEO, Globalinx

"Reallyenglish achieves much higher completion rates"

Reallyenglish achieves much higher course completion rates than their global competitors, which is why we continue to choose Reallyenglish. I have worked in corporate training and development for more than 20 years. We're all busy people. We don't want to waste the student's study time with ineffective e-learning courses. Reallyenglish online courses maximize the student's time online with high impact interactive activities to engage and hold their attention. As with any skill development, frequency and duration in equal doses produces the most retention.

Mr. Peter Owans President, Phoenix Associates

"Launching Reallyenglish was immediately a great success"

Merlin delivers medical aid and expertise in some of the world’s toughest places such as Haiti, Sudan, Afghanistan and Somalia. In the majority of cases, English is not their first language and so the opportunity to access first rate quality English courses really contributes to the success of our programmes.

It can be very difficult for our staff to attend training programmes because they are working from very remote areas in the world. Launching Reallyenglish was immediately a great success and we saw a huge number of staff across all our country programmes sign up straight away. Reallyenglish provides them with the opportunity to access high quality, interactive English courses whenever they want. After what can often be a challenging day at work, whether in a clinic in Haiti or Afghanistan, Merlin staff have really appreciated the opportunity to learn English in a fun, engaging manner.

Catherine Stowe Learning and Development manager, Merlin

"Praised by a wide range of users"

Reallyenglish's English learning contents and programs are praised by a wide range of users, from beginners to advanced learners already using English for business, for its reliability and superiority. Even we as a partner company have received high praise from our clients for Reallyenglish's excellent e-learning system.

Mr. Toshiaki Shindo Digital Media Manager, Sanseido

"High praise from Universities"

We are promoting Reallyenglish's products mainly to university markets. With its simple interface, high quality of contents, wide variety of choices, simplicity of handling, we have received high praise from those universities regarding these products. Educational organizations in Japan are now bringing more IT into learning, and each university is preparing CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) rooms. However, even if this infrastructure is in place, good learning software is required to reap the benefits, and I believe Reallyenglish products will help trigger this entry of educational institutions into e-learning.

Mr. Eichiro Sano President, Seibido

"Amazed by originality and high quality of contents"

Reallyenglish's contents are characterized by creativity and teaching English in unique ways, such as the game-like role plays found in IT English. I have never seen such features in any former English learning systems. Once you experience it, you'll be amazed with its originality and high quality of contents.

Mr. Junji Watakabe e-Service Center Center Manager, Wilson Learning Worldwide

"Helped keep my motivation"

At the beginning I was worried whether I could finish the course within 6 months, but the lessons were fun -- I was therefore able to finish them all. The lessons were not too long, so I could study either before going to bed or going to work. Also, there are some feedback features that congratulated me when passing the tests, and encouraged me when I could not make good results. These helped keep my motivation up. I am glad my TOEIC® score has improved!

Mr. Shigeo Kawamata General affairs department, Chevron Japan

"Helps me find the weak points I need to work on"

I am taking the Reallyenglish TOEIC® preparation course. I am glad that I can learn the skills of grammar, reading and listening. The Reallyenglish course provides me with the score of each lesson, and this helps me to find the weak points I need to work on.

Ms. Kimiko Nishikawa Human Resources Group, Santen Seiyaku

"We are happy we chose Reallyenglish"

At information system department in Epson, we have been holding training sessions for our staff. In this department, many employees are dispatched to overseas branches, so raising their English level is one of our most important training needs. We had encouraged group face-to-face training or correspondence courses; however, these weren't easily accepted by our busy staff members. Then, when we introduced Reallyenglish, which you can learn with a computer anytime you are free -- even though it was a little forcefully introduced by us -- about 50 people took the course. Among this group, almost 40 are planning to finish the course within this period. We have received good feedback, such as "The level was quite high but there were many practical topics and it was only about IT terms and structures, so it was easy to understand." Now they say they want to continue studying English. Their motivation has been increased and we are happy that we chose Reallyenglish.

Ms. Keiko Sugita Human Resources (Training) Department, Seiko Epson

"The high-quality technology of Reallyenglish"

For over six years we have been pleased to offer a range of Reallyenglish e-learning products. These provide a great opportunity for our clients to enhance their English communication skills outside of the 1:1 Gaba lesson experience. While focusing on speaking and listening skills in Gaba lessons, our clients are able to improve other areas of language acquisition, such as reading, writing, and vocabulary, through the high-quality interactive technology of Reallyenglish online English learning products.

Bruce Anderson President, Gaba

"Completion rates of 92%, the highest in Taiwan"

The dedication shown by the entire Reallyenglish team to customer satisfaction has facilitated course completion rates of 92%, which are the highest in the Taiwan market. Reallyenglish has demonstrated consistent flexibility and innovation over the past few years, and have proven to be the perfect partner for our online B2B training operations.

Andy Ings MD, Lado

"Ensure effective communication"

Thank you to Reallyenglish for offering English training to MSFers. The online courses ensure effective communication of the English language, which is essential in carrying out our work in various English speaking contexts.

Jaggu Singh HR Director, MSF

"Very user friendly and easy to understand"

I have received positive feedback from my staff "very user friendly and easy to understand", adding to this is the impeccable service from the sales representatives!

Mr. Robin Shankar Human Resources Department, Asahi Breweries LTD

"Participants enjoy the E-learning process"

E-learning could be an effective and efficient way to study only if the users feel it is user-friendly. With the competent and satisfactory technical support, our users are agreed that it is worthwhile learning through this electronic way. Reallyenglish makes our coordinators and participants enjoy the E-learning process, thank you!

Senior Training Officer HR Department, TNT Express

"This is a fully customer-oriented company"

I always found Reallyenglish to be a truly reliable and committed partner. Their staff are both knowledgeable and focused, and have a thorough understanding of online learning media. This is a fully customer-oriented company, well aligned with the educational needs of adults and young adults in corporate and academic environments. Reallyenglish have a real vocation to serve the learning community. Working with them is a truly enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Josep Maria Mas Cambridge University Press

"is helping me to communicate better with English speaking colleagues"

Generally speaking, the training is very useful and important for my role. The new vocabulary I am learning is helping me to communicate better with English speaking colleagues. I am learning about adverbs and grammar and I am enjoying learning!

Laurent, Finance Dept Merlin, Haiti

"Before, my listening was very bad and now, I can understand better."

Thank you to give importance to our training on Reallyenglish. It is really interesting for me to study English on this site. It’s useful for me because this course helps me to improve my skills in this language and to communicate better with people in my job and in my country who speak English. The listening is so important for me. Before, my listening was very bad and now, I can understand better.

Solon, Employee Merlin, Haiti