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May 2009

The popular Cambridge University Press Let's Talk book series goes online with the help of Reallyenglish

Working with Cambridge University Press, Reallyenglish has taken the hugely successful Let's Talk book series and developed an online version.

Let's Talk Online Logo Cambridge University Press

Let's Talk Online is designed to optimize self-study by giving students more time on task in an easy-to-use and fun environment that allows them to 'speak out' in the safety of their own private learning space

With a list of impressive features, Let's Talk Online includes:

  • Speaking, listening and vocabulary building in every lesson with an emphasis on speaking practice time.
  • A group of virtual study friends from different parts of the world who accompany students throughout the course.
  • A voice recording feature that allows students to evaluate their own pronunciation and receive personalized evaluation and feedback.
  • Excellent application as a self-study tool or used in combination with the popular textbook letting students practice and prepare before class, improve their communicative skills and achieve effective long-term results.
  • Lots of fun activities including role-plays, dictation, pronunciation comparison and sentence building.
  • Extra practice tasks that focus on grammar, listening and vocabulary, as well as quizzes that help students consolidate what they have learned.