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April 2010

Our latest course - Need to Read Financial Times

Need to Read Financial Times Screenshot

2009 was a non-stop year for creating new standards of educational training and in 2010 the challenge for Reallyenglish was to raise the bar even higher. We have been more motivated than ever to bring together the latest knowledge, technology and most importantly innovation to push the boundaries of adaptive up-to-date training. Continuing our successful releases last year we have developed further partnerships with brand name content and a firm commitment to meeting educational needs in the most effective and comprehensive way possible.

When it comes to Business and Financial English there are few publications that consistently understand and meet the needs of both trade news and language education – but with the Financial Times and Market Leader respectively, Pearson Longman has a respected history of cutting edge information.

With this in mind we are launching our latest and most ambitious product to date – Need to Read Financial Times (Need to Read FT). Need to Read FT is a multi-level reading skills development course covering the latest in business news and opinion. It offers topical reading lessons based on articles from the Financial Times that are updated weekly. The lessons are designed to improve students reading skills, develop vocabulary, increase reading speed and enable students to express their opinions about what they have read. This is a highly pro-active course for business professionals as well as students at university or private language schools interested in a career in business and who want to keep developing their reading and discussion skills in English.