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December 2011

New course release: "Collins COBUILD English for the Pharmaceutical Industry and Collins COBUILD English for Accounting"

We are very excited to announce the release of two new courses, the latest in the series that we are developing in collaboration with the leading dictionary producer and educational materials provider HarperCollins Publishers.

Each course is created using the Collins Corpus (the largest collection of English word data in the world) with the help of subject specialists. Collins editors use the corpus to analyze the way that people worldwide really use the language in specialist situations.

Each course contains:

  • a wealth of rich learning content including unique learner-friendly COBUILD definitions
  • full American English audio
  • contextually accurate example sentences
  • rich grammatical and pronunciation data
  • translations
  • 500 or more words

The partnership of Collins COBUILD content and the WordMine vocabulary system creates the best possible combination for understanding, learning and remembering difficult vocabulary for employees in the targeted specialist industries, offering a clear and tangible "return on investment" to Training Managers and learners alike.

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