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July 2017

Reallyenglish South Korea partnership with

Reallyenglish launches service to consumers in South Korea in partnership with

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June 2017

New blended materials for classroom use

New Blended Materials

Reallyenglish's "Practical English" blended offering has been expanded to give 48 lessons at each of the five levels in the course.

After studying the relevant Practical English lesson, students come into class to activate the language they have studied in a communicative lesson. Each 50-minute classroom lesson reviews and practices the language studied, leading to a final discussion or roleplay where the student uses the target language in a meaningful way. Teacher's notes steer the teacher through the lesson and provide ideas for extra communicative activities to extend the lesson for longer classes.

May 2017

New "On-Premise" deployment model for Reallyenglish courses


We now support "on-premise" deployments of Reallyenglish courses, in addition to our cloud and SCORM deployment models:

  • cloud/ASP model: access Reallyenglish courses on our servers (no installation required, start immediately, accessible from anywhere in the world)
  • client LMS install model: install SCORM-compatible versions of Reallyenglish courses on your Moodle, Webclass or Blackboard LMS as part of your corporate or university-wide learning management solution
  • new "on-premise" deployment model: install a Reallyenglish course server within your corporate or university server system to obtain the full functionality of Reallyenglish courses within your own Information Security Management environment

April 2017

Academic English released

Academic English

We are very pleased to announce the release of our first academic English course for university students. Academic English offers engaging listening and reading lessons with vocabulary from the Academic Word List as well as short videos which provide tips on how to study and keep learners motivated. All of this is seamlessly integrated across desktop computers, mobile phones, and tablet devices. See here for more details on the Academic English course.

March 2017

Need to Read course update

Need to Read

We have re-released our popular multi-level reading skills development course, Need to Read. This version offers a new carousel menu design so now lessons are easily searchable by industry topic. The upgraded course offers a fixed set of lessons for business professionals as well as university and private language school students with prominently displayed daily tips for improving reading strategies and skills.

March 2017

Practical English 7 course update

We're also happy to announce some minor updates to Practical English 7:

  • Updates to 29 lessons (new animations and videos)
  • Includes updated Help files with new TOEIC/CEFR equivalencies

February 2017

Practical English 7 released

Practical English 7

We're happy to announce the release of Practical English 7, the latest version of our flagship general English course.

Practical English is a comprehensive grammar, reading and listening course built around a vocabulary syllabus, for elementary to advanced students.

Improvements with version 7 include:

  • Richer, more visual experience for learners
  • More animations and movies to help learners understand new language
  • Greater variety of activities to help learners practice
  • More lessons at more levels
  • A more accurate levelling system
  • Improved multi-device experience (improved usability and consistency of experience across smartphone, tablet, and PC versions)