Our partners

In the English teaching world, more of the top international publishers have chosen to work with us compared to any other company. These include such respected names as Pearson, Cambridge University Press, Collins and McGraw-Hill. In addition we have worked closely with a number of highly respected local publishers including Seibido (Japan) and Higher Education Press (China).

International publishing partners



With Pearson we created "Need to Read Financial Times", a multi-level reading skills course covering the latest business news; improving understanding, vocabulary and helping learners to express their opinions on what they have read.



Cambridge and Reallyenglish combined to create “Let’s Talk Online”, a multi-level speaking course based on the international best-selling textbooks “Let’s Talk”. The course has proven highly successful in its aim of getting shy and unconfident learners to speak.

Harper Collins

Specialist Vocabulary

Together we designed 16 specialised English vocabulary courses uniting “Collins Cobuild” content with our “WordMine” vocabulary system to create the ultimate combination for teaching difficult vocabulary for employees in specific industries.

Mcgraw Hill

General Business English

We worked with McGraw-Hill to upgrade the successful "Practical English" course that we first launched in 2002. The result was the acclaimed “New Practical English” which has improved the TOEIC® scores of the many thousands that have used it since.

Higher Education Press


We collaborated to create a CD-ROM using HEP content from their popular Fast Reading course with our engine and framework from our successful Speed-reading course. The resulting product hugely enhanced the three-level Fast Reading course.

British Council

Test Preparation

We developed a course for the British Council designed for students to increase their IELTS Listening and Reading test scores. The course enables students to improve both their core receptive skills as well as IETLS test taking strategies.