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For students taking IELTS with a target score of 5.0. Written in collaboration with the British Council, this course delivers clear and objective improvements in Academic IELTS Listening and Reading scores through improved test awareness, practical test-taking strategies, and reading/listening skills.

Course content

Academic English skills and IELTS test strategies

  • 30 one-hour lessons: 15 listening and 15 reading.
  • Detailed explanations for all questions in all activities.
  • Immediate feedback on performance.
  • Animated tutorials to help learners understand the exam format and improve test taking strategies.
  • Exposure to realistic academic IELTS listening and reading texts.
  • Lesson material developed in collaboration with the British Council.
  • Built-in review of test-taking strategies to maximise practice and improve confidence.
  • Seamless integration across devices: computers, mobile phones, and tablets.
  • On mobile devices, download lessons for offline study.

Study flow

  1. Focus shows you the first three lessons you need to study. Click to start your first lesson.
  2. You can also select lessons by topic and type (reading, listening) from the All Activities tab.
  3. Review any lesson whenever you like and as many times as you like.
  4. Repeat until you've passed enough lessons to pass your course
  5. Print your course completion certificate.

Requirements to pass the course

Recommended: Pass all lessons (60% or more in each lesson test)

Target audience

  • Individuals at B1 level (TOEIC®* 550-785, IELTS 4.0+) who need to achieve an IELTS test score of 5.0 or more in the Listening and Reading parts of the Academic IELTS test.
  • Students with the goal of studying abroad.

Study period

Recommended: six months

System requirements

See here for the current system requirements for Reallyenglish courses.

Demo lesson


Population change: comparing statements



Island life: predicting words for gap completion


Lesson list

Reading (15 lessons)

Topic IELTS Strategies Vocabulary
Nature Scanning for specific information Word families
Population change Comparing statements Vocabulary relating to numbers
An environmental project Matching information questions Cause and effect, Nature & conservation
Public art Identifying main ideas Vocabulary relating to art
Ethical travel Understanding the writer's opinion Adverbs of opinion
The media Identifying references Expressions for reporting opinion
Engineering Using contextual clues Words for describing and labelling diagrams
Economic resources Identifying options for filling gaps Compound nouns
Culture Connections within sentences and paragraphs Synonyms of key words
Healthy living  Paraphrasing Paraphrasing, Suffixes
Sea levels  Identifying problems Verbs indicating problems and solutions
Wealth  Focusing on key words Nouns relating to wealth
Superfoods  Paraphrasing Vocabulary relating to diet and health
Disappearing deltas Understanding numbers Vocabulary for describing the natural world
A scientific discovery  Identifying contrasting information Vocabulary for describing a scientific discovery

Listening (15 lessons)

Topic IELTS Strategies Vocabulary
Booking a hotel room Activating existing knowledge Vocabulary relating to hotels and money
Living on a budget Writing appropriate answers Predicting grammatical forms in answers
Cultural events  Dealing with distracting information Vocabulary relating to the performing arts
Friends Notes and summaries Vocabulary relating to relationships
A city tour  Understanding descriptions of locations Describing locations
Education  Identifying agreement and disagreement Vocabulary relating to studying
Researching the past  Studying at university Vocabulary relating to university study
Consumerism  Predicting words with similar meanings Vocabulary relating to consumerism
Arranging activities Understanding decisions Vocabulary used in forms
An education fair Labelling maps and plans Vocabulary relating to exhibitions
Study trips  Checking answers Vocabulary relating to lectures
Island life Predicting words for gap completion Word formation
Doing research Checking word endings Vocabulary relating to research
Fear Following main ideas Vocabulary relating to fear
Sports science Following references in a conversation Vocabulary relating to sports science
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