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Individuals and learning institutions: particularly people intending to take the TOEIC® Listening and Reading test. Improve your test-taking skills and timing by taking our mock tests under test conditions. This course calculates your estimated TOEIC® Listening and Reading test score from your results for each part, helping you to form an effective strategy for maximizing your score on the real test.

Companies: quickly and cost-effectively assess the language ability of your current and prospective employees. The results can guide you in planning your recruitment strategies, and the short and long term language training needs of your company.

Course content

Check English proficiency quickly and conveniently

  • 4 simulated tests.
  • Each test is half the length of an actual TOEIC® Listening and Reading test (100 questions over one hour, versus 200 questions over two hours plus 30 minutes of biographical questions).
  • Tests follow the same format and use the same question types as TOEIC® Listening and Reading tests.
  • Each test automatically finishes after one hour, mimicking the conditions of the actual test.
  • Results (reading score, listening score, overall score) can be viewed immediately at the end of each test.
  • Past scores are all stored for easy comparison.
  • Finish all 4 tests to receive a certificate.
  • Take each test as many times as you like. The order of stand-alone questions, and the order of answers in multiple choice questions, is randomized every time a test starts, keeping the tests fresh even when retaken.

Accurate results

The simulated tests are the result of comprehensive statistical analysis at test and question level, resulting in a high correlation (0.83) between the results of each test and actual TOEIC® test scores.

Flexibility and customizability

You decide on the number of practice tests you think are necessary to achieve your individual goals or your company's requirements. Take one test to quickly check your English proficiency; or a test before your English study course and another test after the course ends; or four tests to practice your test-taking skills. Tests work seamlessly across platforms (desktop, Android, and iOS devices).

Target audience

Suitable for learners of all levels who want to check their English proficiency or practice their test-taking skills.

Study period

Recommended: six months

System requirements

See here for the current system requirements for Reallyenglish courses.
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