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WordMine is a vocabulary course designed for busy professionals, delivered online and incorporating the latest in English instruction and internet technology. Unique course design ensures students truly learn words and how to effectively use them in context. Courses are appropriate for all English learners from beginner through advanced levels.

Course content

English for business and practical daily use

The General English (high frequency) vocabulary course helps learners master the 6,500 most commonly used English words.

Specialized vocabulary courses are available for professionals working or studying in various specialist fields – for example, Finance, Medical, and Legal. New courses are added regularly, so check with us about availability for courses in your field.

  • Adaptive entry test starts each learner at the appropriate level (General English courses only).
  • Sophisticated handling of words that are already known.
  • Spaced repetition learning system presents words for study and review at the most efficient time to ensure long-term retention.
  • Designed for busy professionals, requiring just 5-10 minutes of study per day to reach the course target of mastering at least 400 new words.
  • Flexible course terms of three to twelve months.
  • Independently tracks and monitors performance on the three most important aspects of word knowledge (meaning, written form, spoken form), promoting fluency across all three.
  • Multiple example sentences and rich audio resources.
  • Reference tool available for each word studied along with comprehensive English vocabulary resources, study tips and strategies.
  • Fully customizable test and practice test settings with the ability to test as frequently as desired and to print tests for offline practice.
  • For classes or groups: teachers or training managers can create custom word lists, even down to the order and date particular words should be studied (an ideal companion to classroom courses or existing study materials).

Study flow

  • 1.  Take level check/diagnostic test (General English courses only).
  • 2.  Cycle of Get New Words and Training: word selection based on level determined by diagnostic test or preset order/schedule.
  • 3. Function to introduce and test words on a set schedule (perfect for blended courses).
  • 4.  Progress tests (optional) for review.
          >  Learners can do practice tests whenever they like.
  • 5.  Final test (optional).
  • 6.  Print your course completion certificate.

Target audience

Individuals with a TOEIC® score of 225-990, or CEFR level of A2 (elementary) to C1 (advanced), or equivalent.

Study period

Flexible course terms of 3 to 12 months.

System requirements

See here for the current system requirements for Reallyenglish courses.

Course list

Courses are created by selecting words from our extensive database. Custom courses can be quickly developed from lists of vocabulary specific to an industry or course of study -- even to a book or manual!

WordMine General English courses currently available include:

  • Vocabulary for General English
  • Vocabulary for Globish
  • Vocabulary for the TOEIC® Test

WordMine specialist courses currently available include:

  • Vocabulary for Accounting
  • Vocabulary for Automotive Engineers
  • Vocabulary for Business (Levels 1, 2, and 3)
  • Vocabulary for Chemical Engineers
  • Vocabulary for Electrical Engineers
  • Vocabulary for Hospitality / Hotels
  • Vocabulary for the Insurance Industry
  • Vocabulary for Legal Purposes
  • Vocabulary for Medical Doctors
  • Vocabulary for the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Vocabulary for the Retail Industry
  • Vocabulary for Extractive Engineers
  • Vocabulary for the Finance Industry
  • Vocabulary for Mechanical Engineers
  • Vocabulary for Meetings
  • Vocabulary for Negotiations
  • Vocabulary for Presenting
  • Vocabulary for Telephoning
  • Vocabulary for Management
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