A programme to help students prepare for university life

Sector: Education

An Asian institution providing pre-university education to students preparing to start their courses contacted us and asked if we could help them develop their learning programmes to help their students maximise the time they had prior to their admission.

Working together, we’ve achieved:

  • Pre-university students can now follow tailored learning programmes to get to the level they require
  • Learners can manage their studies at a pace to suit them
  • Students receive feedback and encouragement throughout the courses

The client:

Our client is providing pre-university education, covering the crucial period between acceptance and admission to make sure its students enjoy a smooth start to college life. 

In October each year, students are admitted after successfully passing an entrance exam. The school then helps them take advantage of the time they have before they start their university courses.

To equip them for life in higher education, the institution provides valuable information and resources via its website. Students give really positive feedback, as they are able to get a better understanding of the basic academic skills that will be required of them and how they can best use their time prior to admission. 

The challenge:

The school wanted offer various forms of learning to their students, and in addition to face-to-face classes and distance learning, e-learning was a big priority for them.

To allow for effective self-study, the e-learning component would need to allow students to submit work, receive feedback and encouragement, and improve their writing and speaking skills, helping them acquire the equivalent of Grade 2 in the English Proficiency Test.

In selecting a partner to provide learning materials for its students, the institution was looking for ease of learning, solid fundamentals, follow-up systems and engaging course content. They contacted us and we got to work on a solution for them.


We worked with our client to introduce a new learning platform to give the students the best possible preparation for university life.

“We liked the fact that the Practical English course would be tailored to each individual’s ability level. They take a diagnostic test and then embark on a learning journey that suits them.”

The Effective Reading component focuses on reading strategies to help students grasp the main points of a passage – essential skills for university degrees. 

“Effective Reading is extremely useful for our students as there’s rarely an opportunity to learn these techniques at school, where the focus tends to be on translation.”

All the courses forming part of the programme include various exercises so students can hit realistic milestones and continue to feel motivated and that they’re making progress.


“We were really happy with the value for money of the programme – in fact, we think it’s very reasonable.”

The programme is helping the school achieve its mission of helping students maximise their time before admission to university so it is fulfilling and meaningful.

We want our students to be aware of their own qualities and build a solid foundation before entering the university so they can play an active role as a leaders in the future.