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At Reallyenglish we understand the challenges of delivering a quality English language program to support your employees. Time is always tight, and everyone needs to juggle their work commitments in order to study and make progress.

Efficiency and Affordability

The return on your investment, and the ability to demonstrate progress to key stakeholders are paramount. Our vision is to provide our corporate partners with quality digital and blended learning content which can be accessed anytime, anywhere, at a price that works.

We have an unparalleled range of materials to suit learners in a variety of business and corporate environments. From Practical English, to Business Speaking, to Writing for Business, and to Specialist Vocabulary, we provide thousands of hours of content that will help your staff communicate with greater confidence in the workplace.

Progress - Anytime, Anywhere

All of our courses are accessible on a mobile device meaning learners can pick up and study whenever they have time – and in any location. They can be used for self-study, or in tandem with trainer-led programs to accelerate learning. Plus, there’s the option of coaching that will keep staff motivated and on track.

The extent and flexibility of our learner management system gives you everything you need to assess progress. You’re able to set study goals and monitor learning. A range of reporting functions will give you a snapshot view of how well staff are doing at any point. This can be used as part of an assessment process, or to feedback to key stakeholders. In this way, you can make sure that your investment in digital is delivering results.

Supporting Our Clients

Implementation is easy. We work closely with every client to advise on courses and set-ups that best suit the needs of your staff. We provide full training and on-going support to make sure you and your colleagues are comfortable using the platform and the reporting tools, and that you are familiar with the learning content.

We have the experience of thousands of deployments in companies around the world - big and small. Take a look at our case studies to see how we have helped our clients significantly improve the English levels of their staff, and how our systems help you keep track of progress.

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Corporate Solutions – Recommended Products

Practical English, New Edition

PE-NE-1Practical English, New Edition is a general English course for elementary (A2) to advanced level (C1) learners that helps students improve their core English skills in the most efficient way possible. It guides users through an adaptive learning path, and improves their overall English ability with a specific focus on grammar, listening and reading.

Practical English, New Edition includes a clear strand of business themed lessons throughout, and can be customized to offer a more general Business English option. The course is also supported by a full range of blended lessons with an emphasis on speaking that can be used for face-to-face learning.

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Business Speaking

business speaking@4xBusiness Speaking is designed for intermediate and upper-intermediate learners who want to improve their spoken communication skills in a variety of business contexts. It can be used across a range of devices, allowing for seamless mobile study. Business Speaking is also supported by a full range of blended lessons with an emphasis on speaking that can be used for face-to-face learning.

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Writing for Business

writing@4xWriting for Business is an online writing course designed for learners who need to improve their business correspondence skills. It covers over 100 everyday business situations and provides realistic writing practice in the form of emails, letters, reports, presentations and memos. Writing tasks can be sent to a tutor for personal feedback.

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WordMine 2

wordmine 2@4xWordMine 2 is designed for learners at all levels who want to improve their range and control of new vocabulary. The series is comprised of courses to practice general vocabulary, and 22 specialised subject-specific areas, including business vocabulary, and business skills, and will help students master hundreds of new words in context.

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Kickoff for the TOEIC®

kickoff@4xKickoff for the TOEIC® L&R is a preparation and practice course for those who plan to sit the TOEIC® Listening and Reading test. It has a specific focus on common problem areas, and includes techniques and test-taking strategies in video format. .

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Need to Read

need to read@4xNeed to Read is a 3-level self-study course designed for learners who need to improve their reading skills, increase reading speed and expand their vocabulary. It offers topical reading lessons sourced from international business and financial news.

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