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Senior leadership


Nigel Killick

CEO, Founder

I have spent my adult life travelling and living abroad, after family it is my greatest enjoyment. I have been to almost 80 countries and I love that I can communicate, at some level, with everyone because I speak English. There is no downside to being able to communicate together, it enriches all our lives, and I love the fact that my job is based around bringing that opportunity to millions by helping them learn English through their mobile phones!

Shuang Li

REUK Director, UK Client Services Manager

Since studying for my Master’s degree in managing innovation, the Internet, mobile learning and making English language and culture available more globally have been my main focus. Reallyenglish has allowed me to incorporate all three into one. As a non-native speaker, mastery of the English language was not at all easy, but it has provided me with so many new and diverse opportunities. I feel immensely proud to be a part of the Reallyenglish team helping others to learn English more efficiently and effectively than I did!

Richard Profile pic 2-2

Richard McHugh

Chief Operating Officer

Working in the English language education industry for more than 20 years, it is hard to ignore the fundamental truth that communication across cultures and borders is one of the most powerful agents of positive global change. Reallyenglish provides the opportunity for millions of people to improve their English language level in an economical and efficient way. Being part of this solution, and knowing the impact we are having on the lives of so many is what inspires me continue working in this incredible industry.

Education and Content

Matthew Barnard

Matthew Barnard

Content Director

One way or another I have been involved in education all my life – I guess it’s where I feel most comfortable. I get to work with people I like and respect. I can influence the way we teach and be part of a really creative process and every now and then I manage to inspire people. 


Sarah Rooke

Solutions Manager

I love how empowering any learning can be but there is something about learning English that crosses borders, unites people and creates opportunities. I’m passionate about providing high-quality, meaningful and effective learning solutions, whether it’s about having engaging content or ‘anytime, anywhere’ delivery. Working at Reallyenglish I can be part of an exciting solution that effortlessly reaches as many people as possible.


Christofer Bullsmith

Academic Solutions Director

As an educator, it's exciting to be helping lead a change for good, especially with a bunch of people who feel the same way. Classroom education involves a lot of waiting (for the teacher, for peers, for a turn, for the level to rise or drop to meet your needs) and varies wildly in quality even for the lucky few who can access it, while well-designed digital contents avoid these problems and extend consistent, efficient, effective learning around the world. I resigned from a tenured professorship to rejoin Reallyenglish, and while I do miss being in classrooms and on campus, I'm in the right place.

Business Development


Ben Porter

Vice President, Global Business Development

I am passionate about language, both foreign languages and my own native English: passionate as a learner, an educator and a user. I enjoy the structures, sounds, unique expressions of every language and am fascinated by the cultures and the history that produce them. More importantly, though, language is for communication and that is vital in people's lives - good communication brings prosperity, joy, and even peace and harmony. As language educators, we can impact people's lives on both a local and global scale and that is truly meaningful. And then there's technology - I believe that technology will transform language learning both by making it more effective and by making high-quality language education available to many more people around the world. I love the job of working "between" people and technology, understanding students' and educators' challenges and then crafting the platform and tools in pursuit of the best solutions to meet them.


Xavier Franquet

Market Manager South America (Spanish)

The 21st Century has seen rapid and seemingly irreversible changes in many aspects of our lives, yet we still face many challenges, both old and new. More than ever, we need inclusive education and a connected world to face them. With this in mind, I decided to change my personal path to join the team at Reallyenglish. This change in direction positions me to help many more people achieve their goals than I have ever had before. Today, English as a second language is the cornerstone of most, if not all educational projects in non-English speaking countries. By providing stakeholders with innovative solutions that fit their educational needs I can enable tens of thousands of people to learn English efficiently and effectively. This is my new way to contribute to society.

Heloise Santos

Heloise Santos

Bus. Dev. Europe (Latin) / S.America

Understanding people and being understood was a big concern ever since I was a child, particularly because I am bilingual and some expressions get lost in translation. Working for Reallyenglish has only made me realise that as an adult I am still on the path of ensuring people communicate well and effectively, and nothing gives me more joy than helping people come together and being happier. Lifting communication barriers is an extremely rewarding feeling.

Sofia Moreira

Sofia Moreira

Onboarding Specialist

It’s so rewarding to know that we are working in a place where we can help overcome barriers, connect people and create opportunities for them to reach their goals.Working for Reallyenglish, in such a challenging environment, allows me to be constantly learning, helping me to discover my potential and to become a better professional and individual.

Product Design & UX

Software development


Stephen Bartholomew


Building software to help people learn another language is both challenging and deeply fulfilling. Meeting those challenges with a passionate and dedicated team is why I love working at Reallyenglish. Whether we’re working on our mobile app or backend data systems, every member of our team - writers, designers, testers, and developers - all care about putting our students first and giving them a great learning experience.


Emma Williams

Software Developer

I work as a developer because I enjoy the constant challenges and problem solving combined with the creative aspect of working to provide a solution. I enjoy the variety of project-based work because of the variety it brings. It excites me to work within a field that is constantly changing and where every project, large or small, differs. I also love the never ending learning opportunities available within the field as the industry adapts to technology changes. I work for Reallyenglish because it is a great team to be a part of. We are all working to provide learning solutions for students.


Joey Wang

Senior software developer

The world of learning is constantly evolving and working at Reallyenglish allows me to be a part of that challenge. I love being in a supportive team, with people from different backgrounds and specialties, and exploring the opportunities that we make possible together.

Hema Lohani

Hema Lohani

Software Tester

I firmly believe that quality matters and makes a huge difference. I love being a software tester because it means I can contribute towards the overall quality of products. I get a chance to see products from the user's perspective and help provide a better user experience. I love being part of Reallyenglish because, as a team, we share the same values and believe in delivering the best to our customers.


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