How we deliver

Learner focused

Experience and research shapes our platform

At Reallyenglish we have a process of continual improvement in place to assess student feedback and data, and we use this to inform product development, product enhancement and interface design and usability. Our team are highly experienced in both English language teaching and digital delivery which means every student gets a structured learning programme that works for them anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Our priority is to get students to study more of the right thing, more often, with better results.

Accelerated learning

Maximum efficiency = exceptional
course completion rates

We pride ourselves on the fact that over 75% of all our learners have completed more than 30 hours of study. Our focus is on designing all aspects of our courses and systems to ensure the learner makes maximum improvement in the minimum time spent on task.

How do we do it? Firstly, we ensure that our content is engaging and relevant, and that students have a variety of structured activities, at the right level, to work through. Secondly, we test at regular intervals and show them their progress so they are encouraged to hit their goals. We also offer optional coaching to motivate learners to engage and log in consistently. Finally, we make everything super mobile-friendly so students can use their down time to improve their skills. Simple.

Client driven

Focused on partner success

Our vision is to provide our partners with quality digital learning content to attract, support and retain students and staff at a price that works. If your learners are successful, then you will be too. We have a team of dedicated sales and customer service staff that are committed to finding the right solutions for you and your organisation.

We work closely with every client to advise on courses and set-ups that best suit the needs of your learner groups. We provide full training and on-going support to make sure you and your staff are comfortable using the platform and are familiar with the learning content.


Designed to suit your budget

At Reallyenglish we understand that implementing a new digital learning program is a big decision. We also understand the time and resource constraints that every one of our potential clients faces. Going digital shouldn’t be expensive. Our goal is to deliver a flexible, low-risk, and customizable solution that fits both your learners’ needs and your budget. 


Complement your programs

Organizations that partner with us have the flexibility to structure course content in the way that most suits their learners. You can opt for fully self-guided learning in which students are prompted with appropriate material to complete based on their level and ability, or you can follow a more linear approach and use class time to assign specific lessons to do outside of class. You can set levels of study intensity, pass rates and course durations to fit with your programs. For General English and Business English, we also provide optional blended learning material with a focus on speaking skills for group, 1:1 or Skype-type lessons.


Your branding, not ours

We offer content and platform in two different forms – you can either take our content and platform under the Reallyenglish brand, or fully white-labelled. This gives our partners the option to integrate digital learning under their own brand umbrella. We use your logo, your colouring, and your course names so that our solutions look like yours.

Reporting tools you need

Reports for teachers & students

The extent and flexibility of our learner management system gives you everything you need to assess progress – at the click of a button. A range of reporting functions will give you a snapshot of how well students are doing at any point. This can be used as part of the assessment process, to develop learner portfolios, and to feedback to key stakeholders.

Bespoke solutions

Collaborate with us

We work with global publishers, universities, government bodies, corporations and cultural organisations to develop completely new courses and content. Our partners can use our Content Management System and its 50+ templates to deliver their own course through our platform, or we can commission the writing of materials to suit the specific needs of a program.

For organisations with existing platforms we can also provide both raw content and SCORM files to deliver through alternative Learner and Content Management Systems.