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Students in academic environments have wide ranging needs. There may be requirements to improve levels of English before a course of study, or to reach a specific level of proficiency in English alongside degree study. Other students may need specialist support to help them use English within their discipline. In some cases, English may not be compulsory, but your student body will benefit from efficient, self-guided study to help them access information in English online, or to help them communicate at a later stage in their career.

Flexible Learning, Quality Materials

Reallyenglish provide a world-class, flexible digital and blended learning program that can help all of the learners in your student body meet their language study goals.  

It all starts with our team. Our content writers and editors all have real-life classroom experience, and use it to deliver engaging, goal-orientated material that is structured to the CEFR. Our course materials are all designed to help learners study the right thing, more often, with better results.

Catering for the needs of learners across university departments can be challenging. Our range of materials, and the ability to set individual, adaptive learning paths, as well as to customize content to fit departmental or class requirements, makes Reallyenglish a highly flexible, and sensible solution. From Academic English, to IELTS, to Practical English, and Specialist Vocabulary, we provide thousands of hours of content that will help your students communicate with greater confidence in an academic environment.

Progress Made Easy

Mobile delivery is crucial. Today more than 80% of our learners access course materials on a mobile device. This is especially important for students who need self-guided access – anytime, anywhere. Plus, it means less strain on university resources and support. Our courses work equally well in tandem with teacher-led instruction, providing a solid foundation for receptive skills work, increased vocabulary range and accuracy – leaving more time for teachers to focus on productive skills.

Study data, and the extent of our learning management system provide powerful tools to assess levels, progress and areas of weakness of both groups, and individual learners.  This gives valuable insight into areas for development and support that may be needed to get all of your student body to the right level, and communicating effectively in English. 

Risk-free Solutions

Implementation is easy, and risk-free. There are no up-front costs, so this allows you to introduce digital at your own pace, across or within departments. We work closely with every one of our university partners to advise on courses and set-ups that best suit the needs of the student body. We provide full training and on-going support to make sure every member of staff is comfortable using the platform and the reporting tools, and is familiar with the learning content.

Take a look at our case studies to see how we have enhanced and supported university language programs around the world, and the results that students achieved.

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University Solutions – Recommended Products

Academic English

academic eng@4xAcademic English is a self-study course designed for learners who need to improve their listening and reading skills in preparation for further study in English, or for international exams such as IELTS and TOEFL. Available at B1 level, it helps learners develop their skills in understanding academic writing and listening to lectures, and expands their knowledge of high frequency academic vocabulary.

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Practical English, New Edition

PE-NE-1Practical English, New Edition is a general English course for elementary (A2) to advanced level (C1) learners that helps students improve their core English skills in the most efficient way possible. It guides users through an adaptive learning path, and improves their overall English ability with a specific focus on grammar, listening and reading. Practical English, New Edition is also supported by a full range of blended lessons with an emphasis on speaking that can be used for face-to-face learning.

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ielts-purple2-80IELTS A2 - B2 are self-study courses which are designed for learners who need to improve their test scores in the Academic IELTS exam. Our IELTS courses help students develop test-taking strategies, increase their vocabulary, and improve their skills with realistic IELTS test material.

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WordMine 2

wordmine 2@4xWordMine 2 is designed for learners at all levels who want to improve their range and control of new vocabulary. The series is comprised of courses to practice general vocabulary, and 22 specialised subject areas, including academic vocabulary, and will help students master hundreds of new words in context.

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“One of the best digital learning packages we’ve seen”

“This is one of the best digital learning packages we’ve seen for English language teaching. It was easy to implement, and our students really enjoy using it. A wonderful resource.”

Chris O’Reilly

Language Learning Coordinator, Sussex Centre for Language Studies, University of Sussex