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Reallyenglish targets global expansion with unique blend of mobile delivery and content-rich learning

07-May-2019 14:28:54

Reallyenglish is setting its sights on rolling out its mobile-friendly offering to the global EFL market after reaching an agreement to sell a majority stake in Reallyenglish Japan Limited to Nippon Sangyo Suishin Kiko.

Reallyenglish Japan Ltd was founded in 2001 as a subsidiary of UK-based Reallyenglish.com Limited and, for more than 15 years, has provided digital e-learning systems along with a broad range of content for English language education to Japanese businesses, academic institutions and private language schools.

More than 720 corporations and 170 academic institutions have utilized the services to educate their employees and students. The Company is a digital pioneer in the English education industry in Japan and provides quality e-learning services that can be personalized for each customer through its original e-learning platform accessible “anywhere anytime” via mobile and fixed devices. Through this robust technology platform and user-friendly features, the Company achieves high course completion rate of users averaging around 75%.

The global Reallyenglish business is now being re-launched as a highly disruptive, white label B2B service that offers its full solution at textbook pricing. A key catalyst enabling global expansion has been the rapid rise of smart phones, with RE’s system now fully accessible as an app that provides a scaleable, localised solution through partners in each country.

Reallyenglish.com Ltd CEO Nigel Killick said: “The investment in the Japanese company by NSSK has given us the freedom to target new territories and bring the Reallyenglish style of learning to millions more people worldwide. We have developed our offering in tandem with the rise of smartphone technology and I believe our mobile offering is best in class.

“It’s an exciting time for the company with a new focus on the global market while maintaining our strong showing in Japan. The Reallyenglish solution is already being used in companies, schools, universities, government departments and private language schools in more than 10 countries – and we now have a strong platform to grow our business still further.

“Our extensive experience and research have demonstrated the considerable power and improvement in learners when our self-study methods are combined with partners who are delivering teacher-led improvement. This learning has led us to pivot the business much more towards developing partnerships with providers.”

Sarah Rooke
Written by Sarah Rooke

I love how empowering learning can be no matter what someone chooses to learn but there is something about learning English that crosses borders, unites people and creates opportunities. I’m passionate about finding high quality, meaningful and effective solutions to enable that learning, whether it’s about having engaging content or great ‘anytime, anywhere’ delivery or systems that provide useful progress and monitoring information. When you have a great solution you want it to effortlessly reach as many people as possible and that’s what Reallyenglish does best. I work at Reallyenglish because I like being part of a great solution that effortlessly reaches as many people as possible

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