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Bridging the Gap: Enhancing Online Language Learning with Structured Self-Study

By Richard McHugh on 22-Aug-2023 16:47:40


The shift to online learning, which was brought about by the pandemic, opened up new markets for many English language schools. While platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet have made it possible to conduct engaging live lessons, the challenge of maintaining structured self-study in between these sessions still remains. This gap in the learning process can result in disengagement, disorganized lessons, and a lack of continuity in the overall course of study. However, what if there was a solution that could directly tackle these challenges?

The Problem:

Many language schools that transitioned online during the pandemic found it challenging to monitor and guide their students' self-study. Without a clear understanding of what learners were doing between live sessions, teachers often felt lost, leading to lessons that lacked cohesion and direction. This not only affected the quality of education but also diminished the overall learning experience for students.

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