Richard Mchugh

Richard has been involved in the English language industry since 2002. He has held many roles from teacher, to academic manager and school director. He is the director and founder of Cleverfox Learning, an online English language school and is also Reallyenglish’s Business Development Director for UK and Ireland – Reallyenglish are a provider of best in class digital English language learning solutions. He holds a PGCE in Designing and Implementing Open, Online and Distance Learning Programmes, and a Master’s in Education from the Open University.

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Key Questions To Ask When Choosing Digital Learning Content

By Richard Mchugh on 23-Oct-2020 12:33:53

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When choosing digital learning products, you want to avoid the hype, and make sure the dog is firmly wagging the tail. In order to do this, you might consider some of these questions to help you decide what the best fit is for your school, institution or company.

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Cutting through the noise! Choosing digital English language learning solutions for your learners.

By Richard Mchugh on 09-Oct-2020 11:30:42

When it comes to choosing digital learning content, owners, managers, and educators face a lot of challenges and questions. Some at the top of the list are Will my learners use it? Is this going to replace me? Does it have all (or even most of!) the features I need? Will it work? Finding answers to these questions is challenging enough on its own, but that challenge is exacerbated by the cacophony created when twenty different providers clamor to be heard while they extoll their product’s virtues. That’s a tremendous amount of noise!

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