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New English for Hospitality? Yes, we’re excited too! (Sneak peek inside!)

04-Feb-2022 11:50:36

Reallyenglish announces its brand-new English for Hospitality course! Here is a quick FAQ Tour to let you know what it is all about.

Who is it for?

English for Hospitality is for learners who need English to work in the hospitality industry. It is suitable for staff working in a hotel front office or students finishing training. It is also suitable for people working in any tourism related role.

Can you give me an overview of the course?

The course has 30 lessons of about 45 mins duration each. It focuses on functional skills and builds specific vocabulary for hospitality. Learners improve their oral skills through regular practice aimed at developing international intelligibility. They get practice with appropriate language in a variety of common hotel scenarios. They develop confidence to deal with visitors from around the world. Each lesson prepares learners to communicate with guests, visitors, and tourists by setting out a typical situation that front office staff deal with every day.

What kind of progress can learners expect to make?   

The course focuses on spoken and written interaction in typical hospitality scenarios. Learners studying 2-3 hours a week will significantly improve their specific professional communication skills required for working in hospitality and tourism.

What level of English do learners need to take the course?

Learners should be between CEF level of A2 – B1.

Can you take me through the features?


The syllabus is very practical and functional. It covers the most common interactions in a hotel setting. In each lesson learners roleplay an encounter in a hospitality environment.


Hospitality professionals have checked and validated all vocabulary. Audio, video, and visuals support vocabulary understanding and retention.

Listening material

We use listening material that features different (authentic) accents, including:

  • US, UK, and Australian English
  • Argentinian Spanish
  • Chinese,
  • Twi (Ghana),
  • Turkish,
  • Iranian
  • French

And there are plenty more to come!


Learners engage in roleplay via record and playback activities to practise communicating. They respond with key vocabulary in different situations typical of hospitality work. They also have a learning repository that stores their spoken and written work. They can share this work with their teacher or trainer.  At the end of the lesson, there are suggestions to explore the language further.

Can I see a lesson?

Sure! Here is a what we call a static demo. This means that your results are not saved, you just engage with the content: Talking about hotel amenities

Can you tell me some of the other topics?

Of course! Here is a selection of lesson topics from the course

Checking in: the process | Dealing with communication problems | Checking in: dealing with questions | Explaining breakfast options | Responding to common requests | Offering to help | Giving directions (1) | Checking out | Dealing with telephone reservations (1) | Dealing with telephone reservations (2) | Describing features of a room | Talking about leisure activities | Offering business facilities | Responding to requests

How can I provide this course to my students?

Easy! If you are already a partner, please contact your sales representative. If you aren’t a partner, or do not know your sales representative, just email partners@reallyenglish.com and we will set you up ASAP!


Find out more about the course here

Richard McHugh
Written by Richard McHugh

Richard has been involved in the English language industry since 2002. He has held many roles from teacher, to academic manager and school director. He is Director of Sales EMEA for Reallyenglish. He holds a PGCE in Designing and Implementing Open, Online and Distance Learning Programmes, and a Master’s in Education from the Open University.

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