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Most Learners use our App to access their courses – Here’s why.

31-Jan-2022 11:05:51

The smartphone is now by far the most popular place for learners to access their courses. Learners do this through our App – Learn English Now. There are two fundamental shifts that explain this. First, demographics are changing. There is a shift from the majority of users being digital migrants to digital natives. Second is smartphone accessibility. There is a remarkable statistic that 84% of the World’s population or 6.6 billion people own a smartphone. These two factors make our App the obvious choice for learners to access their courses. This means that it has got to be good! Let’s look at some of the benefits of the Learn English Now App.

Study anytime, anywhere!

Your smartphone is a supercomputer in your pocket! We harness that power so you can learn anytime, anywhere. This flexibility is amazing because learners can study 'little and often'. The most effective way to learn a language. It doesn’t matter if they are on a bus, or waiting for a friend in a café. It doesn’t matter if they only complete 10 minutes of study. What matters is that they are consistent over a sustained period of time. Learn English Now gives them this opportunity. They can pick up and put down the app anytime, and it saves their work to that precise point. They can also study offline so there is no worry or hassle, it organises their learning.  

Lessons designed to maximise study time

Top material writers and teachers from the English language industry design our courses. They use a learner centred approach guiding learners to their study goals. The lessons keep learners engaged and stimulated with dynamic and interesting content. They are flexible and self-paced. This means learners can take as much time as they need and repeat lessons as needed.

Learn English Now gives lessons your learners need

Adaptive Learning

The Learn English Now app has a learning algorithm tells learners the best lesson to study next. So, they don’t waste time studying things that are too easy or too difficult.

Regulated Learning

The Learn English Now app has built-in ‘study calibrator’. This helps regulate how learners study on the app. This means they study at the right pace and maximise the effectiveness of their study time. There is also personalised assessment. This ensures that learners move up a level only when they are ready to do so.

Targeted Learning

The Learn English Now app has 1000s of hours of content that we customise for our clients. This means your learners will only work on the specific areas of English they need to.


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Richard McHugh
Written by Richard McHugh

Richard has been involved in the English language industry since 2002. He has held many roles from teacher, to academic manager and school director. He is Director of Sales EMEA for Reallyenglish. He holds a PGCE in Designing and Implementing Open, Online and Distance Learning Programmes, and a Master’s in Education from the Open University.

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