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Introducing innovative self-paced activities designed to improve learner confidence in speaking 🚀

31-Aug-2022 16:13:35

Reallyenglish is delighted to announce the release of 'Roleplay' our brand new speaking activity.


What is 'Roleplay'?

Great question! Well, apart from being an innovative and engaging learning activity that facilitates the acquisition of recently learnt language, Roleplay is an activity that builds learner confidence in speaking. 

Ok, so how does it facilitate language acquisition and build learner confidence? 🤔 

Ok, so first thing, roleplays are fully integrated into lessons, therefore the language that you practice in the activity is recently learnt from earlier in the lesson. This means that when you do a roleplay activity, you are automatically practising and consolidating recently learnt language. Second, learners build confidence in their speaking because... in order to successfully complete the activity, they need to speak and record their voice. 

Ok! That sounds cool 👌Tell me more 🔍

'Roleplay' uses AI to enable students to practice conversations and phrases with confidence in a natural conversational activity.

The activity is a roleplay scenario where the learner chooses their response from a selection of options available on screen. But, instead of selecting the correct option by tapping the screen or clicking the mouse, the learner must speak their chosen answer. The system automatically matches the learners attempt with the best fitting answer from the options available. This means that if the learners pronunciation isn't perfect the system will still match it to the correct answer.

This approach removes negative feedback for imperfect pronunciation and rewards learners for understanding the question, selecting the correct answer and for being brave enough to speak the answer.  So like we said, it builds confidence!  


Sound's great does it do anything else? 

When the Roleplay activity is finished, students can listen back to the entire conversation, including their own recordings to see how they did.


Where can I find out more? 

If you have any questions and or would like to know more don't hesitate to get in touch with us at partners@reallyenglish.com. We will direct your enquiry to your local account executive. 

Richard McHugh
Written by Richard McHugh

Richard has been involved in the English language industry since 2002. He has held many roles from teacher, to academic manager and school director. He is Director of Sales EMEA for Reallyenglish. He holds a PGCE in Designing and Implementing Open, Online and Distance Learning Programmes, and a Master’s in Education from the Open University.

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