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10 reasons why you should choose digital learning solutions

21-Jan-2022 16:33:48

Digital Learning is in a growth phase. The pandemic accelerated this due to lockdowns. Learners were unable to attend physical face to face classrooms. So, educational institutions looked for solutions that allowed them to deliver content online.

But now there is hope of a return to normality. So, what reasons do trainers and educators have for the continued use of digital learning? Especially if they are all back teaching and learning face to face?

1. Efficiency

There is no denying that digital learning is efficient. Learners study and learn and have their work autocorrected. This saves time. Also, they can send spoken and written work to their teachers for correction and feedback.


2. Accessibility

Digital learning is accessible by anyone with a smartphone. According to Statista, 83.96% of the world’s population or 6.648 billion people own a smartphone. (No issues with school rooms here!)


3. Flexibility

Digital learning is flexible learning. Learners can study where they want and when they want, as long as they have their smartphone with them.


4. Reach

All learning content goes direct to the learner without the need for travel. So, your ability to reach students is only limited by your imagination. This is the same for a school in downtown Sao Paulo or an English department at a university in the UK.


5. Build your Brand

Reallyenglish offer white label solutions, this means that you get your brand on the app. This gives you the opportunity to get your brand in the pocket of your learners.


6. Adapt to changing demographics

The time of the digital native is nigh! Learners now walk around with super computers in their pockets. They consume social content, entertainment, and gaming on these devices. In short, this is where they live, and this is where they need and want learning content. Stay ahead of the game and give them world-class learning content where they want it to be.


7. Create cohesive blended learning experiences

Blended learning is the future of teaching and learning! But a blend of what exactly, and aren’t we in that future now? With options to customise, we can align our digital content to your school’s syllabus. We also provide 100s of lessons for your teachers to deliver in class. This means there is full alignment between digital and classroom learning.


8. Promote learner autonomy

Autonomous learning is a coveted skill. It is something that is central to language learners achieving success. When you give learners digital you give them learning where they want it 24 hours a day. You also give your teachers the ability to view learner work. They can understand when, for how long and at what performance level they are engaging. This is a monitoring solution that promotes independent work because it is transparent.


9. Value for money

Digital Learning is incredible value for money. Your learners get access to amazing learning for less than the price of a course book.


10. Great for the environment

Our digital learning is great for the environment for two main reasons. First, it is paperless, so we do not need to cut down trees. Second, our cloud services are carbon neutral. So, you know that your carbon footprint won’t get any bigger as your learners improve their English!

Richard McHugh
Written by Richard McHugh

Richard has been involved in the English language industry since 2002. He has held many roles from teacher, to academic manager and school director. He is Director of Sales EMEA for Reallyenglish. He holds a PGCE in Designing and Implementing Open, Online and Distance Learning Programmes, and a Master’s in Education from the Open University.

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